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Sound Healing With Shelley

Join us for a healing and transformative sound healing gathering with Shelley Terracino of Interlude Massage Studio. Shelley will be using tuning forks, chimes, singing bowls and Reiki to promote relaxation, cleanse away trapped emotional energy, provide balance to our Chakras, and to introduce this simple, yet powerful tool of self healing.

Our space has limited blankets and pillows, so we do kindly encourage you to bring your own.

Fee: $12

"We use sound healing to heal and transform."

Sound frequency is the base and foundation of all creation. Sound is frequency and vibration that makes up our entire existence. Everything physical has a resonance that also resonates with the sounds around us, therefore the sounds we listen to has an impact on our mind, body , and soul.

Conditions that may be treated with singing bowls and tuning forks: nervousness, irritability, insomnia, heart rate and blood pressure, headaches, exhaustion, energy imbalances.

Benefits that may be received: stress-reduction, relaxation, energy enhancement , balance of the nervous system and energy fields.

References : /// Rick Batyr, Sound Medium /// Youtube! by searching any of the following:

417 Hz - Whole body regeneration , DNA stimulation and cell regeneration

741Hz - Detox and cleanse your aura , cleanse away negativity

963 Hz - Activates Pineal Gland (3rd Eye)

852 Hz - transforms cells into light, pain relief

1000Hz - Seratonin release

528 Hz- The Miracle tone, reduce inflammation , self healing , the Love frequency

432 Hz- Peace and Well being , release emotional blockages , expands conciousness.

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