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Saturday Sangha


In this age of information, it is a necessity to hone in on your own intuition and strengthen your discernment over outside influences. It is not only your divine gift, it is your superpower.

A true guide can offer you the unique opportunity to strengthen your intuition, securely ground in your inner knowing, and gain a mastery over your own unique spiritual altitude. They can empower you to be a receiver of direct messages from vibrational energies and spiritual beings known and unknown on the physical plane. In this workshop you’ll be guided to enter in to the place within yourself that is confident in the connection you have to an ancestral community aligned purposefully for your highest incarnation. The ability to receive these messages can offer you clarity to your questions about self, destiny, purpose, relationships, and personal freedom. You’ll leave knowing what if feels like to be aligned in the wealth of a spiritual commune that has been given to you freely and abundantly, should you know how to access them.

In this workshop:
Learn daily rituals that will connect you to your guides, ancestors, angels, and messages that reveal your destiny
Adventure through your kundalini energy with a uniquely taught pranayama and kundalini kriya.
Experience mediumship for yourself as Michelle guides you to connect with those of your ancestral heritage, known and unknown


She’s been called the medium to mediums and became a best-selling author on Amazon with her book “Paranormal Side Effects”. Michelle spins a different approach on her role as an intuitive medium, where she steps out of the standard role of an intuitive reader and takes the place of a teacher who guides people to free themselves and get past their own blocks. She strongly believes that we are living in an age where intuitives are meant to empower others to connect to spirit themselves, and to break down any physical or mental barriers that may block that connection. Michelle is an extremely talented teacher in her way to tie unique disciplines together for the opportunity for students to experience what it feels like to live in their full energetic embodiment that is required of an intuitive in these times.

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