Are YOU Ready to Float?

We are so excited to announce that our float pod is ready for YOU!

Floating is best defined through the experience. If you have never floated, we recommend doing it twice. Why? Well, your first float will be, for lack of a better term, different. You may experience uneasiness, anxiousness, and awkwardness, which can be associated with doing something for the first time. Therefore, a second float will be more familiar - kind of like a second date. But hey, it's not uncommon for first time floaters to calmly drift into the experience. And to sweeten the deal, one hour of floating is equivalent to fours of sleep. Just sayin'. 


"Float therapy is an opportunity to soften and let go of the bombardment that our overworked senses and nervous system are constantly under. Sulfates, such as those found in Epsom Salt can assist in resolving headaches and even help the body to absorb more nutrients—while flushing toxins.In addition to moderating mineral levels, floating in magnesium sulfate has the added benefit of decreasing inflammation and drawing out impurities from the body. Even the most nervous claustrophobes find peace in the Pod. Floating effortlessly on top of skin-temperature water with eyes closed, the mind no longer works to orient the body, creating a feeling of weightlessness." ~ Ryan Sieker 

So, are you ready to get your float on or what?!?! Call us to schedule your session.